As IT recruiters, knowing our industry is a must, but knowing our clients is incredibly important as well. When a new job vacancy opens, we strive to speak directly with hiring managers to obtain in-depth details of the particular position. This helps identify the top required and preferred skills, and also allows BridgeView IT to gain more insight to the actual day to day responsibilities of the job. During the “Ready” stage, we’ll have our initial meeting with you, our client, and we’ll also do some information gathering on our own. Our expert recruiters will do extensive research on your organization, trying to ascertain what we can about the company culture.

At this time we are also going to ask for a job description, in order to fully understand the day-today responsibilities for the job. We can then effectively create a profile for the position that is easily communicated to potential candidates. . Once we’ve gathered all the information possible, we create a profile for the position and start searching for candidates.


After we gain a thorough understanding of the open position, we formulate our recruiting strategy. First we will confirm the top technical and functional skills needed for the position, helping us create targeted Boolean search strings. Next, we identify the best sourcing techniques based on regional candidate supply for the appropriate skill set. Understanding where to look for the best candidates is an extremely important part of the process.

Once we’ve got the skills and the sourcing down, we can move to the next phase of the “Set” step in our process. We will diligently create technical assessment questions that are posed to the candidates during screening. These questions help us separate ‘acceptable’ candidates from the best candidates. Once we’ve got everything in order, we’re ready to move on to the next step in the process.


Now that we are fully prepared to meet your staffing solution needs, we can start actively searching for candidates. We leverage email, a variety of online sources, and phone messages in order to connect with our target candidate audience. As we screen candidates we utilize the information from our initial client call to create a baseline of sufficent skills required for the position. At the same time, we use the position profile and client highlights to market the new opening appropirately and via the best channels. We’ll highlight specific technical skill matches and streamline the process to avoid spending too much time on candidates that aren’t viable.

At BVI we focus on quality over quantity, and our goal is to present you with only a few of the absolute best candidates for the position. Finding and delivering the best candidates possible isn’t the last step in our process, however.


Following a successful match, BridgeView IT stays on board to help with an easy and efficient integration. As we’ve stated, we view our relationships with our clients as long-term partnerships, and we want to be sure that the process of bringing on a new employee is smooth for both parties. We will set up several points of communication between the client and candidate, and typically act as the go-between as the process finalizes.

Beyond that, we facilitate continual communication and effective feedback loops to ensure the placement was successful. Every step of the way, we want both client and candidate to be comfortable with the process. It’s through fantastic service that we’re able to build and grow our base of satisfied clients.

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