A Rewarding Evening at The Ireland Funds’ 38th Annual Boston Gala

At BridgeView IT, we support a of number of wonderful non-profits throughout the year. The Ireland Funds is one of those non-profits. Recently, I had the privilege of attending their 38th Annual Boston Gala, which is typically one of their largest events on the calendar. The event was a fun and exciting way to encourage support for the charity while raising an incredible $2 million.

The success of the gala was due in large part to the collaborative nature of chairman Edmund F. Murphy III, President & CEO of Empower Retirement. Under his guidance, The Ireland Funds put together an excellent evening that saw over 800 guests in attendance. A highlight of the evening was hearing from the night’s honoree, Adam Harris.

A Rewarding Evening at The Ireland Funds’ 38th Annual Boston Gala

Adam is the founder of autism non-profit AsIAm. He shared with us his experience growing up with autism and how it spurred him to create a charity that could educate and empower others while building a supportive autism community in Ireland. Half of AsIAm’s staff is on the autism spectrum, which is an inspiring statistic and example for organizations across the world. Throughout his speech, Adam showed that he’s a bright young man with a sense of humor and drive to do good in the world.

While Adam was highlighted as an honoree that evening, The Ireland Funds supports many different charities. The organization’s mission is to harness the power of a global philanthropic network of friends of Ireland to promote and support peace, culture, education, and community development across the island of Ireland and among Irish communities around the world. Boston, with its rich Irish heritage, is directly impacted by these efforts and makes for a perfect setting for such an awesome charity event.

By anyone’s measure, The Ireland Funds’ 38th Annual Boston Gala was an outstanding success and I was honored to be in attendance and represent BridgeView IT. Money was raised, awareness was increased, and we all enjoyed delicious food alongside music from an Irish band. For those interested in how they can support this heartwarming cause, I urge you to visit their website at www.irelandfunds.org.

For more on the events BridgeView IT participates in or the charities we support, follow us on LinkedIn.

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