Quitting Your Job? 5 Considerations Before Deciding

Are you frustrated with your job and you are ready to make a career change? It is important that you are strategic when you are quitting your job, so that you can position yourself to move forward in your career. Too often, people make the decision to quit without putting a proper plan in place, and they find themselves in a situation where they are struggling to get their career back on track. Here are five things to consider before you turn in your notice at work:

  1. Assess Your Finances
    Money is one of the biggest motivators that will push you back to your old job, or into a new job that you don’t like. Plan ahead with your finances, and build up a nest egg to use as a safety net in case you need a little more time to find the perfect job. Your savings will allow you to take the time that is needed to find the best job for your career, rather than settling for something else because you need to pay the bills.
  1. Start Talking With Other Companies
    Just because you are currently employed, doesn’t mean that you can’t turn in resumes to other companies. Begin the job application process as soon as possible, because it will help you make a smooth transition from one job to the next. Many new employers are happy to allow a two-week period before your start date, so that you have plenty of time to provide notice to you current job.
  1. Don’t Talk With Your Coworkers
    As tempting as it might be to tell your friends at work, don’t mention the fact that you are looking for a new job. The information could be intentionally or accidentally leaked to management, which might result in a situation where you burn bridges or ruin relationships with the people that you have been working with. Stay quiet about your job search, and be discreet when it comes time to turn in your notice.
  1. Choose Your Reason & Stick With It
    When you quit, it is the perfect opportunity to practice effective people skills so that you can manage your reputation. You will need to provide your boss a reason that you are leaving, and you should be tactful with the conversation. It is possible that someone might call your former employer for a reference, and your reason for leaving can have an impact on the impression that you leave with the company.
  1. Stay Strong Through the End
    Once the end is in sight, it is hard to stay focused at work. You are ready to leave, which means that it is more difficult to complete the tasks that need to be done before you go. Stay focused so that you can be diligent with your work. You will have an easier time maintaining relationships and cultivating goodwill by working hard to make the transition easier for your coworkers and management.


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Quitting Your Job? 5 Considerations Before Deciding

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