Presenting Your 2020 Denver Technology Salary Guide

The Denver technology industry evolves so quickly that it’s just plain difficult to keep up with changing compensation levels. After all, there are many factors to take into account. The unemployment rate is falling while the local population is growing. Contract labor is becoming more popular while talk of a...

Improving the Employee Experience: What Makes People Feel Valued at Work?

Employees are the lifeblood of any business. Their productivity (or lack thereof) can singlehandedly put a company in the black or red in any given quarter. However, in order to perform at their peak, people need to feel valued at their job. Unfortunately, only 34% of U.S. workers are engaged...

Agile Software Development: Why Can’t We Finish Our Sprint?

This article was written based on a discussion with Susan Miller, VP, Strategic Partnerships at BridgeView IT. Susan has held prominent senior leadership roles in several SaaS enterprise software companies. She is an Agile expert with a deep history of successfully implementing Agile software development principles and helping organizations troubleshoot...

Let’s Skype: Remote Work Expectations for Employers and Technologists

Is remote work just a trending topic, or is it a viable way of life? Through technology, a growing number of jobs can theoretically be completed without having to walk into an office at all. In most remote work conversations, the assumption is that employers instinctively recoil from the idea...

Be Like Netflix and Focus on Communication in Your Hiring Process

You’d like your company to hire as smoothly as Netflix, wouldn’t you? After all, a recent study found that it’s the #1 company to work for according to technologists. There are many things Netflix is doing right, but none have a greater impact on their hiring process than the way...

What Truly Makes a Good Technologist for Your Company?

Published on October 2nd, 2018 This past July, U.S. tech companies added nearly 15,000 jobs to their rosters. Out of all those technologists, consider that a significant percentage will leave or be let go within 18 months, causing substantial project delays. Now take a moment to think about a great...

Is the Cloud Finally Secure?

Published on August 15th, 2018 The cloud is by no means new. Countless companies have implemented it into business operations for the many benefits it brings. 87% of those who moved to the cloud did so to improve productivity, while 81% say they did so to save costs. However, many...

Is Your Recruitment Process Holding Back Your Technology Hiring?

64% of recruiters say their top challenge is the skills shortage. Are you one of them? If it seems like there are never enough qualified technologists available for your open roles, that’s because there aren’t. The ultra-low industry unemployment rate means the skills shortage is a challenge for everyone. However,...

How Rising FinTech Usage Impacts Your Tech Hiring

$100 billion. Greater than the GDP of most countries, that’s how much has been invested in FinTech, or financial technology, since 2010. Even more eye opening is that it’s an amount growing at 47% annually.  Rising FinTech usage has certainly disrupted the financial services industry, but regardless of sector, it’s...

Evaluating Information Security Safeguards in the Ransomware Age

Published on June 12, 2018 For today’s businesses, data is as valuable as cash or physical inventory. This mentality has thrust information security safeguards into the spotlight as the world continues to grasp with the never-ending battle against cyberattacks. In fact, 67% of Chief Information Security Officers believe their companies...


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10 Ways to Win the Fight for Happy at Work

Whether it is just the daily grind or a career that is less than your passion, workplace happiness doesn’t always flow naturally. The true masters of the workplace can find happiness amongst it all. So here are 10 easy tips for staying happy at work.

Career Advice, Hiring Advice, Insights

Search Without Being Found

It is common to be employed while hunting for a new job, especially if you are looking to advance your career. Here are several strategies that you can use to avoid alerting your boss or other people in the department:

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An Effective Elevator Speech Opens the Doors to New Career Opportunities

When you are looking for a new job, networking is a critical step to help you connect with other people in the industry. You’ve probably heard the saying that you only get a single opportunity to make a good first impression, and networking with an effective elevator speech can make-or-break your job hunting efforts.

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Your Resume has these 4 Must-Haves, Right?

Modern technology has made it easier to apply to many jobs without much effort, which means that employers and recruiters are inundated with resumes when a job opening is posted. If you want the job, then you need to make sure that your resume outshines the rest.

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Quitting Your Job? 5 Considerations Before Deciding

Are you frustrated with your job and you are ready to make a career change?...

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The 5 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

When you ask questions at the close of your job interview you show the interviewer you were listening. You convey your interest in the company and showcase what a good fit to the team you would be. Your questions garner insight into how you would fit into a specific role and where you would devote your energy. Questions are critical to the success of your interview.


You Said What? 7 Things to Never Say During a Job Interview

One sentence. That’s all it takes to derail your chances at the dream job you’ve been pining after for months – maybe even years. Employers focus on why they should hire you, but they’re also looking for reasons not to hire you. Read on to find out seven things you need to keep in the vault while interviewing.

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