Is Your Job Worth Quitting?

When all is said and done, the decision to walk away from an awful job is yours and yours alone. Below are a few important things to consider before you cut the umbilical cord. Have You Reached Your Potential Here? If you’ve genuinely done your best at your current job,...

Don’t Know What To Do? Act!

Do you often find yourself stuck in a pattern of analysis, constantly looking at hypothetical scenarios without taking action? Indecision is common problem that people face, and the inability to move forward can freeze their progress and have a negative impact on their career. One of the best things that...

5 Tips to Boost your Credibility at the Office

Success in your career is contingent on one important thing: getting people to take you seriously. If you want to move forward in your career, then you need to make sure that you are building credibility with the people that you are working with. Here are a few things that...

4 Simple Steps to get to the Next Level

If you are ready to take your career to a new level, there are a few things that you should start doing become a better employee now. Here are some suggestions: Increase Productivity Through Focused Action Instead of being "busy" all the time, make sure that you are filling your...

The Honest Road to Balancing Work and Family

If we are honest, some seem to do it better than others.  Balancing work and family while striving to advance your career can seem like a 25 hour project in a 24 hour day.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem possible. Yet, as mentioned earlier, some people seem to be masters...

5 Common Resume Weaknesses – and How to Fix Them

Resume mistakes are almost as common as resumes themselves. These five common mistakes can mean the difference between landing the job and continuing the search. Fortunately, you can easily fix these errors. Your resume is the closest thing an employer gets to a window into your soul, but drafting this...

Don’t be busy, be productive

Do you feel busy? In fact, would you go on to state that you are constantly busy with little time for yourself or new projects?  Well, if your answer is yes then stop it.  Stop saying you are busy and stop being busy as there is a far better way...

How to Create a Boring, Generic Resume

One of the most aggravating aspects of a job search is never hearing back on a posting you applied to. There is often not a way for you to get feedback on what you could do to fine tune your resume, or find out why you weren’t selected for an...

Find an Extra Hour Every Day

Time is passing you by this very minute as you read.  If you are currently reading this article, then perhaps you have some interest in creating a little more time in your day.  Now to be perfectly honest, your day is going only have 24 hours in it whether you...

5 Simple Ways to Love the Job You Have

All of us long for a career where our passions and skills perfectly align with what we get paid to do.  If we are honest, we have to admit that this dream is simply not the present reality for many in the work place.  However, this does not mean you...


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10 Ways to Win the Fight for Happy at Work

Whether it is just the daily grind or a career that is less than your passion, workplace happiness doesn’t always flow naturally. The true masters of the workplace can find happiness amongst it all. So here are 10 easy tips for staying happy at work.

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Search Without Being Found

It is common to be employed while hunting for a new job, especially if you are looking to advance your career. Here are several strategies that you can use to avoid alerting your boss or other people in the department:

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An Effective Elevator Speech Opens the Doors to New Career Opportunities

When you are looking for a new job, networking is a critical step to help you connect with other people in the industry. You’ve probably heard the saying that you only get a single opportunity to make a good first impression, and networking with an effective elevator speech can make-or-break your job hunting efforts.

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Your Resume has these 4 Must-Haves, Right?

Modern technology has made it easier to apply to many jobs without much effort, which means that employers and recruiters are inundated with resumes when a job opening is posted. If you want the job, then you need to make sure that your resume outshines the rest.

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Quitting Your Job? 5 Considerations Before Deciding

Are you frustrated with your job and you are ready to make a career change?...

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The 5 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

When you ask questions at the close of your job interview you show the interviewer you were listening. You convey your interest in the company and showcase what a good fit to the team you would be. Your questions garner insight into how you would fit into a specific role and where you would devote your energy. Questions are critical to the success of your interview.


You Said What? 7 Things to Never Say During a Job Interview

One sentence. That’s all it takes to derail your chances at the dream job you’ve been pining after for months – maybe even years. Employers focus on why they should hire you, but they’re also looking for reasons not to hire you. Read on to find out seven things you need to keep in the vault while interviewing.

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