Is the Cloud Finally Secure?

Published on August 15th, 2018

The cloud is by no means new. Countless companies have implemented it into business operations for the many benefits it brings. 87% of those who moved to the cloud did so to improve productivity, while 81% say they did so to save costs. However, many business leaders are still hesitant about the security surrounding any cloud initiative.

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Cloud vs. On-Premise Data Storage

Some organizations simply feel safer keeping their data contained on-premise because it seems like the highest level of control one can have over their information. However, in 2018 this is a dying strategy. Accessing data in an on-site warehouse can be cumbersome and detrimental to efficiency. Moreover, internal storage infrastructure may not be able to keep up with and adapt to modern security safeguards.

Studies show that the larger the organization the less confident it is in utilizing the cloud. Adapting large legacy systems to the cloud might seem difficult, but it can be dangerous to continue using large traditional data centers. Cloud security is improving so rapidly that by 2020 the public cloud will have 60% fewer security incidents than traditional data centers. With so many options today including public, private, and hybrid cloud configurations, it’s clear the future of technology is cloud-based.

An All or Nothing Strategy

Just like any tool, the cloud can be dangerous if wielded without expertise or care. Adopting the cloud into business operations and strategy means giving it the attention and resources it needs to function safely. Instead of adapting current information security measures to the cloud, look at it as a new initiative entirely. Even tech giant Cisco thinks along these same lines, having just spent $2.3 billion to buy another company that could improve cloud security.

Further, many cloud-based cyberattacks stem from simple and avoidable mistakes like neglecting to update passwords or operating systems. In fact, within four years it is estimated that 95% of all cloud security breaches will be the customer’s fault, not the technology itself. As long as a business is prepared to put in the full effort required to operate it appropriately, the cloud can be a secure environment to thrive in.

It Takes the Right Talent

To properly implement and secure a cloud operation, it takes skilled technologists. No organization is immune to that requirement. Take a page from Google, who recently discovered security is a top customer concern. They are investing in AI and machine learning technology to improve their cloud security, and that takes capable individuals.

While technologists are getting more comfortable with platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure, research indicates that cloud security training, knowledge, and skills still lag far behind from where they should be in 2018. It’s no wonder a recent study found that the two hardest technology concentrations to recruit for are 1. Security and 2. Cloud. Further, imagine the positions at the intersection of those two areas. Technologists versed in cloud security own one of the most in-demand tech skills of 2018, making them necessary for a strong cloud strategy but also extremely difficult to locate.

Is the Cloud Finally Secure?

General dependence on cloud technology isn’t disappearing anytime soon. Growing rapidly, the cloud market will be worth $9 billion in just the next year and a half. As more organizations adopt the technology, and as best practices in security improve, the availability of skilled talent will drop. Yes, the cloud can be secure in 2018, but only with the right technologists backing it.

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